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ahdanco’s mission is to design universal dances that enhance empathy by exposing that which is brilliant and dark within the individual and communal human psyches. Our choreography contains lush, fluid movement paired with dissonant details to reflect the sense that life consists of ease accented with discord.  We work with dancers of different ages, backgrounds, sizes, styles of moving, experiences, injuries and abilities to create a picture of realism within a sometimes esoteric art form. Our goal is to give the audience an overall sense of familiarity with the experience they are viewing by delivering “a well-chosen imaginative vocabulary which produce[s] choreographies with emotional resonance.” - Rita Feliciano

Founded in 2002, ahdanco is an Oakland based modern dance company and has been a Company-in-Residence at Shawl-Anderson Dance Center in Berkeley since 2014. The company’s repertoire consists of a wide range of modern dances diverse in style, structure, and content, born from collaborations with composers, painters, writers, musicians, and costume designers.  ahdanco has been presented throughout the Bay Area at venues such as Dance Mission Theater, The Ashby Stage, Shawl-Anderson Dance Center, San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, and Juniper Networks Aspiration Dome.

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